You might think restricting and doubting thoughts about your endeavours such as: “ Who am I to undertake this?! “ “ Who am I to dare?! “
But it’s your duty to enlarge these questions for a deeper, more positive response: “ Who said I can’t!!!”

We are interdependent people ( us ) not independent people ( me ).
Express and celebrate this.

Always try and RESPOND to a situation / problem and avoid REACTING, especially over-reacting which is unproductive and time consuming.

Every step forward we take should be in pursuit of our dreams.

Be certain you do not leave yourself in pockets of underachievement and worse, become comfortable and accepting of this.

Your life is your responsibility, no one else so make the right decisions.

Always move beyond your imagined limitations.

Where goals are concerned you may not have any real control over final outcomes but you do have control over the commitment you show in reaching those goals.

The meaning of your life is in your hands.

When you have finished your work – RELAX.

Stay open, avoid judgements that will entrap you in what is.

Pay attention to your speech. Never try to consciously hurt anyone.

Try to look deeply and fairly at the intentions and motivations behind your behaviour – be honest.

Work hard, give of your very best, but always let go of expectations.

Allow others to be themselves.

Share your thoughts with those you love.

Ensure your home is a place of comfort and inspiration – a spiritual refuge from the world.

Bring your ideas to fruition, let them find creative expression, after all that’s what they’re for.

Constantly work at your communication skills they are the bedrock of success in life.

Be inspired and allow this to filter through to your work.

Live life with integrity and sincerity and never allow others to try and convince you otherwise.

Respect and honour all forms of life.

Stay close to nature and enjoy its full richness.

Graciously accept the limitations imposed on us that are beyond our sphere of influence.

Try to see the world as it is rather than as you were told.

Go at your own pace mindful not to over exert yourself remembering that “ The race is not to the swift nor the battle to the strong. “

The circumstances ( however difficult ) in which you find yourself are never as important as the attitudes you develop around those circumstances.

Take risks mindful of Erica Jong’s words: “ ….the trouble is if you don’t risk anything, you risk even more.”

To be fully alive, fully connected to life you have to face every experience directly and never try to evade or hide from it.

When you reflect on the amount of ultimate freedom you have in life you will astound yourself.

Regularly think about how you can simplify everything.

Regularly ask the question: “ What’s important in my life? “ Then listen…..

There’s no real choice – you have an obligation to live well, live fully finding your true potential.

If you are always arriving elsewhere you have missed the fullness of this moment.

Look after your body, serve it well with regular exercise because it has to last you a lifetime.

Try your best and remember Buckminster Fuller’s words: “ There is no such thing as a failed experiment, only experiments with unexpected outcomes.”

Connect regularly with the feeling of ‘ oneness ’ that comes from a process of letting go.

The more you look and listen the more you will see and hear. The world, in all its infinite richness, will constantly open up and unfold for you. There are no limits on this process.

Whenever you see a successful life you will know that person has made a courageous decision.

In a world of change remaining static is the fastest way of going backwards.

If you don’t mange change, change will manage you.

Above all else be creative with your life.