1    This is your life right here, right now. There is nowhere else to go.

2    Our exposure to life brings neither good luck, nor bad luck, just the presentation of experience.

3    What we make of ourselves in life depends largely on how we respond and work with that experience.

4    If we do not deal appropriately with what is presented to us, then it will return to seek

further attention.

5    When we deal, in an appropriate way, with what is presented to us, then we can move forward.

6    Experience will always be there for us to use as a learning tool.

7    The presentation of experience is endless because it is life itself.

8    All the answers that we seek, are buried within us.

9    Create space in your life for solitude and stillness, then just listen quietly and trust in the inner process.

10  We are all unique – work out your own path.

11   Do not allow fear to influence the work you have to undertake – fear is only a

projection, not a reality.

12  There is no end to personal growth and what you can achieve in life – sincerely believe in this…..