In truth we are not shaped by the events that enter our lives but by our perception of what they mean.

Don’t waste your time – use it efficiently and effectively to achieve your dreams.

Listen deeply to what your heart is saying and trust in the process.

Talk less and listen more.

Be mindful of others feelings – tread thoughtfully.

Choose your words carefully. The right ones can build, the wrong ones can destroy.

There is uncertainty in everything – accept that as a certainty.

Nothing is truly finished – everything is evolving.

The limits are all in your mind.

If you feel that you will fail in a given task you probably will.

When others boost about their successes remain contained within your knowledge of what is to come.

Failure is a stepping-stone to success if we believe it to be.

We can only grow through taking risks – there is no other way. Nothing is more unsettling than looking back on our mistakes and failures realizing we could have done more – we could have succeeded.

Set your sights on your planned aims and objectives and build them up brick by brick, day by day.

Our problems are here to teach us if only we can overcome our initial hostilities to them.

Opportunities will not fall into your lap, you have to go out and hunt them down.

There are no real masters or gurus to learn from only a life and it is this that will teach you.

Develop the mantra: “ My guru is my life.”