If your waiting for the right circumstances to appear before you take any action you’ll never get started.

Given its fullest expression the will to win – WILL win.

Find out your true destiny in life, live it and never attempt to betray it for anything.

Our lives consists of infinite possibilities from which we only choose a few.

Opportunities only happen for one reason:  for us to seize and develop them for a fuller, richer life.

Always remember:  success comes through our ability to work with failure, successfully.

Cultivate a love of life not a fear of life.

Listen in the depths of your silence.

All the answers to your life’s quest are contain within you.

In each of us there are vast reserves of potential awaiting our recognition.

Never measure your life by another, we are all unique.

Grow and expand as much as possible remembering  Wittgenstein‘s cautious words: “ How small a thought it takes to fill a whole life.”

Avoid over-working. If we are tired and still ploughing away we become increasingly unproductive and ineffective.  In stressful times such as these take time out. The ‘ in tray ‘ is never really empty for long, or the laundry basket.

Watch your appetites and live simply and responsibly so that your life can grow and blossom.