Tomorrow comes to us fresh and clean asking us what we have learnt from yesterday in order to make a new start.

Deep within us, to bring to the surface, is a sacred obligation to live well. Never forget this.

Have a vision in life. Cultivate a plan to work towards otherwise random conditions
will make one for you, which you may not possibly like, or you may not even be aware of – although you might be living it now.

Strive, make every effort to work hard in order to achieve the results you need.

Life is a never ending process of constant discovery and revelation. Push yourself into new, exciting areas of growth and remember that in every situation there are lessons to be learnt.

Always remain positive in your outlook knowing that you cannot enter the new until you have let go of the old.

Stand in your own light, confident and affirmative in your own actions. Never allow others to overshadow you with their negativity.

Startle and surprise yourself with fresh, invigorating thought.

Listen to the wake up calls that will take you off to adventure. Live life fully engaged, attentive and committed.

Make a pact with yourself to grow and develop as an onward going commitment. Make a list of new ventures to undertake – as if you only had one more year to live.

Enjoy yourself – seek out joy and laughter.

Support and encourage others.

Set aside periods of quiet and solitude in order to reflect more – meditate.

Be grateful for all the gifts and lessons that enter your life.