Believe in yourself and the extraordinary inner power you can harness to transform your life.

Find out what is buried deep in your heart, what your purpose in life is and pursue this as your enduring quest.

Open up a ‘Personal Progress Journal.‘ Write down all your aims and objectives in life. Evaluate and write down the work you have undertaken in an attempt to reach those goals. Write down what’s working and what’s not working. Write down new insights, changes and alterations that you have made – fill it with details of all the positive action you have undertaken and LEARN from it.

Don’t allow negative people to influence your decision making and work.

Surround yourself with individuals who are positive, proactive and who will support your endeavours.

Work hard and always give of your very best. Don’t pull back – go that extra mile.

Accept the fact that you will make mistakes – how we deal with them is the crucial point. Always see mistakes as learning tools to get you back on track.

Make it a regular practice to be nice to people – even difficult ones that contest the way with you. No one is perfect; we all have imperfections.

Leave your judgemental mind behind because it slows our progress down. A mind that avoids judgement is always open and available for fresh input.

Don’t think small all the time. The greater the risk the greater the reward.

Your best work will always be carried out in a focused, concentrated, quiet way.

Don’t take yourself self too seriously, retain a sense of humour.

Every day is a learning day in the school of life – keep going forward, keep open, keep learning.

Constantly review your plans and objects to see that they still hold value for you. They are not set in concrete so change may have to be considered.

Time is precious and like currency we must spend it carefully and wisely.

When making and committing to a plan give all your energy to it. But ensure you have a number of back up plans as well – just in case.

Take time out to RELAX. By over reaching yourself you can become tired, and worse, exhausted which serves no one. Balance is the key word.

If good fortune comes your way – share it.

Cultivate simplicity. In life it’s not only your efficiency and effectiveness that needs attention but your spirituality as well.

Be content with, and accepting of, the things you cannot change in your life. Work persistently and diligently on changing those things that can, and need to be altered in your life.

Don’t squander any talents you may have. Always allow them full expression, full voice.

Spend quality time with your family and friends. We are not self-regulating machines but human beings who need to be closely connected to others.

Be positive, generous and kind to others, and yourself.

Never push yourself forward at the expense of others. Always go for co-operation rather than competition.

Always keep hold of your dreams and aspirations for they will sustain you in moments of doubt and uncertainty to guide you gently back on course.

Listen to others. Allow yourself to be persuaded by well backed up, contrary arguments that may be presented to you.

Never become a disciple of anyone. Stand in your own light with faith and confidence in yourself. Listen and learn from others by all means, but never allow them to over-shadow you and your innate talents, your unique contribution to the world.

Dare to be different. Add something new to life by being original, innovative and groundbreaking in your thinking and behaviour.

Make certain you get the right levels of quality sleep. Disturbed patterns often suggest deeper, unresolved psychological states that need our attention. Sleep deprivation, over time will make us sluggish and irritable preventing us from achieving efficient and effective work.

Cultivate and express love for without it we are diminished and reduced as individuals.