Ask yourself what constitutes a full, enriched life then do everything you can to achieve it.

Undertake your work quietly with a minimum of fuss and without drawing too much attention to yourself.

Always try to keep your sense of humour in place. Don’t take things so seriously.

Give passionately of yourself.

Don’t argue with others it just wastes energy.

Be certain to give thanks for any support you have received from individuals.

Your best work will always be carried out in a focussed, concentrated, quiet way. Remember this.

Sit still in silence and solitude if you want to gain some insight on the right path to follow.

Appreciate and give thanks for the miracle of life.

Cultivate a sense of wonder.

Never allow a good opportunity to pass you by.

Accept and work with the difficulties that enter your life. From them we can grow and move forward.

Look for the good in people ( especially those that you feel uncomfortable with ) and focus on this. Unexpected shifts in attitudes and perceptions will take place as a consequence.

Accept set backs as part of the journey forward.

Enjoy life and all it has to offer.

If your work is ill suited to your needs, and therefore limiting your potential then consider a change of direction – life is too short to waste on the wrong venture.

Meet new people and cultivate new friendships for mutual support and growth.

If good fortune comes your way be sure to share it.

Hold on to your vision, a vision of realistic and achievable goals to work towards. And always remember the biblical injunction: “ A people without a vision perish.”
That’s how important it is….

Cultivate and designate a number of ‘ Relaxation Days ‘ in your diary where you can take time out just to be present in some place of peace and calm. A place of relaxed quietness where inner batteries can be recharged.

Get out of your reading comfort zone. Start looking at different newspapers, journals, periodicals in order to gain fresh perspective on your world.

Live passionately, live sincerely, live honourably.

Listen to others, consider fairly what they say.

A tip normally reserved for budding writers – always carry a notebook and pen to jot down any important thoughts and ideas that surface in your mind, especially at those awkward times..

Be generous with your time and money, especially when helping others.

Develop a ‘ Gratitude Practice. ‘ Think deeply about the things that you should be thankful for – the things that make your life worth living.

Time is a precious ‘ commodity ‘ so spend it well.

Always give of your very best, one hundred per cent and nothing less. Avoid projecting too much around likely outcomes – they have a dynamic of their own.

Are you happy? If not find out why.

Be pro-active, life changing opportunities do not come knocking at your door you have to go out and meet them.

Master the art of ‘ letting go. ‘ When we clutch and cling to our hurt and wounds we are unavailable for whatever new wants to enter our lives, something that could transform us.

Keep Reminder Cards ( that contain key words to motivate and comfort
you ) in a prominent place to view regularly.