The first question we must ask ourselves is: “ How much pain and suffering must we endure before we let healing into our lives?”

When we stop fighting our pain and suffering the healing can commence.

Healing is not a quick fix, band aid remedy it’s a way of life.

Healing must take us into the depths of our wounds; the very core of who we have become and then transform us.

Healing is a rendezvous with peace and serenity.

We must be prepared to let healing take us to a new beginning.

Prayer is never misplaced in any healing practice. As Emerson
said: ” No man ever prayed without learning something.”

You must cultivate a deeper engagement and relationship with body awareness.

Deep within our pain and hurt lies salvation.

Feeling loved
Feeling needed and wanted
Feeling our lives can touch other lives
Feeling our lives make a difference in this world
Feeling our lives have meaning and significance
All these realizations will allow a profound healing to come to us…..

How many thoughts do we have in one hour, in one single day? How many are repeating themselves? How many are nourishing us? How many are hurting us? Pay attention to these thought if you want to start on a healing journey.

Fear will hold us back from healing. See fear as a projection, not a tangible reality – unless we decide to make it so…

Meditate often….

Sit with the pain experience without giving it a permanent identity. What is it saying?

Anxiety and agitation are not conducive to the healing process. When they surface in our lives allow them to dissipate in the knowledge that we are on a recovering journey into the very heart of healing…

Healing is our practice, healing is our commitment. It’s what we undertake in order to return to our true selves.