Healing invites our active participation in its process of reparation – it asks us to cultivate openness, patience, forgiveness and love in order to move beyond our immediate pain into a place of possible reconciliation.

Cultivate healing as a daily practice. Engage with the calmness and serenity of a stilled mind that will help us to leave behind all the anxieties that have built up in our lives.

Healing is a process of regaining wholeness, of coming home, returning to our deeper selves which we have managed to abandon – that’s its role.

Make time for breathing exercises throughout the day. Bring your conscious mind to your breath. Is it rapid and shallow? Slow it down, make it deeper and gain the benefits of a relaxed state of being.

Allow thoughts of healing to saturate your mind. Allow yourself the precious time of escaping from your everyday, doing, doing, doing world.

Put aside criticisms, judgements and opinions that you have no right to carry then the healing can start.

Healing can only come from the depths of our own hearts. It’s a gift we give to ourselves.

Healing is the positive learning we receive from our suffering.

Healing involves listening – paying attention to our wounded-ness and the voices that surface from that dark space.

A body in pain is a body wanting to be heard, wanting to be healed.

We have to be in the body to heal the body. So exercise mindfully on a regular basis.

Because healing involves us in going forward, involves us in growth do we really have a choice to say no?!

Take your healing into your meditation and take your meditation into your life.

Finally, if you don’t meditate, start today, right now.