Allow yourself the privilege to slow right down and stop.

Healing is really a process of facing our resistance and letting go, surrendering to what is.

The body is very forgiving and it will heal itself, if given time.

Give yourself permission to be mindfully present in the stilled, sacred moment of non-doing.

Healing requires a deep level of humility in order to enter the core of our pain for a deep listening.

Resistance to change is holding us back. Healing asks that we change our attitude in order to change our lives.

If we pay attention to the slow rhythmic breath of mindfulness we are starting on the journey into healing.

Healing can only come and visit us if we make a welcoming, open space for its presence. Fully committed to receiving its gift.

If the healing withdraws create a silent space to permit its return.

Healing is a constant attending to our pain and hurt and all that triggers them off.

When the healing starts allow it to flow through your mind, body and spirit unimpeded in its course.

Healing involves perseverance and commitment to getting well and is there a better time for this than right now?!