Slow down. Nothing of any real value can be achieved in a state of rush. Relax your body and mind by undertaking regular meditative walking, yoga, tai chi – activities that will bring you inner calm.

Make a list of healing words  ( eg, relaxation, peace, serenity, tranquillity, stillness, silence, etc ) that you can contemplate regularly.

Start a health journal /notebook where you can collate your and other people’s thoughts.

Avoid anxious, stressful people who can damage your health.

As a part of a consistent practice take time out to lie down quietly on your bed and undertake body scans. Feel the sensitivities of aches and pains.  ‘Apologise ‘ to these regions of the body that are now seeking your attention.

Ensure you have enough good quality sleep to nourish the mind and body.  If you find this difficult to undertake, seek advice.

Have a doctor give you a health check. There may be nothing wrong but it will be reinsuring to get the all clear.

There is much more to life than just work. Take time out to re-charge and re-invigorate.

Anytime you start to get over anxious just think of that lovely, calming, relaxing word: STOP!

Take regular exercise – walking, running, swimming, cycling ( but none of it to be undertaken in a  strenuous fashion  ).

Take time out to meditate – priority.

You will probably forget the above in a few days so re-read.