All writing is a plea to be understood.

Are you prepared to be patient enough to wait, wait alone, still, confronting whatever may come, or may not come? This is the writer’s commitment to the writing life.

Writing can uncover something within us that we are unaware of; feelings that may remain hidden unless given expression through the magical art of writing.

There is no failure in writing, only experiments.

The craft of writing…..shaping and moulding our words to fit into what we want to say.

In the true stillness of writing there is only the writing.

In truth, we never really leave the writing.

Writing….a rich process of self – deepening.

You do not look for the writing, the writing looks for you.

Let your writing……. b r e a t he……on the page.

Sometimes I think writing is just another way of worship.

I didn’t know my life had such depth until I started writing.

There is meditation in the writing and writing in the meditation.

Writing can take such an hold on you that it may never let you go.

Writing takes us to the borders of language and reflection, trying to bring them together.

Write by ear and be guided by this.

You refine your writing in the very practice of writing.

Listen to…….the sound of words – the rhythm of words – the music of words – the melody of words…….

Write with faith and faith will give you the words you need.

Solitude and silence carries me to the writing I need to explore.

If you are writing well, you are thinking well.

Read, read, read and then write, write, write.

Writing is my friend and companion, my psychotherapist, my spiritual director, my healer …I share my life with it.

You can only write well from a centre of authenticity that encapsulates deeply lived experience.

We can lose ourselves in the writing process and in doing so, find ourselves.

Writing as an act of commitment to your life, drawing out an inner need to express yourself.

Good writing, authentic writing is a process of listening to oneself in the deepest recesses of the mind and giving the fruits of that listening an expression on the page.

In the learning is the writing, in the writing is the learning.

In supreme moments, when we touch a deepness inside, the writing becomes a form of meditation.

You must listen deeply before you write.

Bright, clear, alert. Care and compassion for the writers’ craft.

Writing so powerful and authentic that it seeps out at the edges of our lives.

Writing our way through the doorway of experience and understanding.

I write because I have to learn.

Writing our way back to wholeness.

A mind that talks to itself, that listens to itself, that records itself in a fullness of presence, skilfully attending, is a gift to your writing.

Solitude contributes to your writing by allowing you to open up fresh space inside to EXPLORE.

Getting lost in the writing in order to find myself – something I had forgotten revealed under layers of thoughts.

As I practice my writing my writing becomes my practice.

You are in the presence of prayer when the writing goes deep.

Drama and tension played out and held on the page.

Using words not unlike a potter using clay to push something into existence.

New language – new landscapes.

I learn from my own writing.

Whatever happens to a writer can ultimately become source material for his work.

Never let a thought evaporate before you write it down for a fuller exploration, a fuller understanding.

Writing as a way of exploring yourself.

All good writers are at the centre of a whirling adventure.

The writer writes from where the writer is.

Deeper understanding through writing…… bringing my attention, my feelings, to that which can so easily disappear from view.

I use language to shape my experience of the world and in turn that world shapes my language.

Language – a tool of exploration, discovery and expansion.

What excites me about writing is what lies in the possibilities.

The writing takes me to a place I have never been before to an unknown destination….beyond fear, beyond hope.

Writing can tell lies in order to tell a greater truth.

Getting inside yourself, your mind, your heart, your body feeling the full depth of emotional stirrings then trying to give it a voice… must get inside yourself.

Feel the truth then give it expression through words.

Like life itself, writing is process.

Here I am. The writing is on stream. My mind is filled with wonder and delight.

You can only write well and authentically from a centre of strength that encapsulates deeply lived experience.

Share your insights, your life, with the readers.

Writing coming out of my body as well as my mind.

Writing deeper, writing fuller, crossing borders into untouched territory.

Our journey finds its way in our journal and our journal finds its way into our journey.

Writing, at its best, is a product of a deep, listening heart.

Words sparking off each other to mix and create wholly new forms, new thoughts.

Writing – a journey into the imagination.

In the pain, in the suffering is the lesson – the writing.

The rhythm of the words came to me through the rhythm of my walking.

Each piece of prose is a poem requiring the same laborious attention to syntax, rhythm, to fine detail.

Follow your writing, do not lead it.

We can lose ourselves in the writing process but we can also find ourselves.

Solitude contributes to your writing by allowing you to open up a space inside you to EXPLORE.

What are words for if not to share.

Writing – a call to awakening.

Writing uncovering our wounds, pain, vulnerabilities.

The writing took me to a place where I have never been before.

The writing became so deep I was no longer certain who I was.

Stay with the writing, for when it becomes difficult that is the real place of learning.

Authentic writing – opening up our vulnerabilities, our wounded-ness.

Writing brings me the depth of feeling that I have never experienced before.

You can only refine your writing in the practice of writing.

Writing for salvation.

Writing …..a closing in on myself. a confrontational look in the mirror.

Pour yourself into the writing without concern for anything else.

Writing – Venturing into the unknown. Embracing dangers. Going beyond known margins.

I’m incapable of making a strong statement.

Are your emotions, your feelings important to you? Then write, write, write.

Writing …..uncovering our wounds, our pain, our vulnerability.

I am a writer but I’m not finding my voice. Therefore – the search must continue……

Stay with the writing – avoid running away from what it can give you even that which is challenging and confrontational.

In your writing challenge patterns of complacency, received opinions.

Writing brings me to a depth of feeling that I have never experienced before.

Writing – a closing in on myself, a confrontational look in the mirror.

My feelings tell me that the best writing comes from the depths of silence and eventually return there.

The same spaciousness, calmness of engaged meditation is required for writing.

I understand more fully when my writing starts to enter the depths.

Writing down noble words and thoughts, paying homage to the rich texture of the evolving life force of language.

In the maturity of my understanding, writing is my gift.

Making a clearing for your writing in the dense undergrowth of misunderstanding.

Before you start writing – LISTEN.

Always getting material in every nook and cranny of my life for a destination on an open page, at a future date.

Writing is not divorced from life, it is life!

Depth in writing exposes and expands our thoughts, our feelings.

My pen, my writing connects me with the feelings of my body.

Feel it first then write it.

Writing, at its best, is a deep body experience which your readers should be able to feel – passion encapsulated into words.

When the writing is ready the language will appear.

Writing is witnessing – witnessing our own lives and others.

How can we understand our own lives, and others, unless we write about them.

Writing gave me a full – bodied joy.

Writing calls us to be a witness to our lives.

The best writing is done slowly, mindfully watching everything.

You learn to write in the process of writing.

A need to write, a need to explore, a need to record a life lived.

Deeper writing comes from a place of stillness.

Writing – sharpening your tools, sharpening your mind, honing your words and thoughts to perfection in order to touch people’s lives, including your own.

Solitude and silence carries me to the writing.

The best writing is done slowly, mindfully, watching everything.