Alone with my thoughts, deep and true, the call of writing beckons.

To write beautiful things – this is my practice, this is my life.

Even when I’m not writing I’m still writing but without a pen, just the manuscript of my thoughts. Forming words and sentences, tasting the rapture of life.

Writing, when mindfully engaged with in quiet and solitude is a way of listening to ourselves.

Writing is a…….vocation, a ministry, a life well spent.

Writing is ……therapy, meditation, healing – an integrative journey to wholeness.

To write powerfully and accurately about our emotions and feelings is the aim of writing.

If you are despondent, focus in on that emotion and write all you can about it. If you are depressed, share that feeling with someone else through your writing. Whatever your mental state happens to be, write about it with truthfulness. Writing will always produce a curative effect when rightly approached.

Before you can write about life you have to live it, deeply felt.

You are in the presence of prayer when the writing goes deep.

Writing coming from the unknown depths.

I asked my pen: “ What does the world look like, feel like? ” Then I wait for the reply.

Writing is life – a journey to discovery.

Let your writing become your healing.

May the writing reach out to capture hearts sharing in the language of ecstasy.

A word…. often reflecting another word but also contained, requiring no other words to support it. A word…. comfortable with itself, its status as a carrier of meaning, precise and clear. A word…. so confident that it may even dance off the page. A word….that says in an assured way: ” Will I do? ”   “Yes ” I unhesitatingly say, ” Yes! ”

Pay attention to the details, they are important.

I asked the writing: ” Where will you take me today? ” And the reply came back: ” Somewhere you have never been before.”

Writing is an adventure, a journey into the unknown…………

How do we make full sense of our lives unless we write about them?

You refine your writing in the practice of writing. There is no other way.

Writing, mindfully engaged, is a fine art experience.

We all learn from our own writing.

The writer writes from where the writer is.

We must excavate the rich seams of deeper understanding through the engagement with writing…… bringing our attention, our feelings, to that which can so easily remain hidden.

Writing – the gift we give to ourselves, as well as to others.

All we have are words…..words for exploration, discovery and expansion. Words that help to explain the nature of the world to us.

What excites me about writing is the enormous possibilities contained within it…..

Once we venture beyond the conditioned mind ( with its attachments and cravings, its concerns and anxieties, its opinions and judgements ) we can start to penetrate the unconditioned realm of spacious calm where the best of our writing lies waiting. Waiting for our attention. Waiting for its articulation.

Writing takes me to a place where I have never been before, to an unknown destination….beyond fear, beyond all division…….

You must try to get inside yourself. Then, feeling the full power of your inner emotions try to give them a voice.

The best writing always takes me to where I need to go.

Clarity in writing comes from clarity in one’s mind.

Writing, like any other form of creativity, is where the clock doesn’t mark the time spent there.

You can only really write well from a centre of authenticity that expresses a deeply felt, lived experience.

Share your feelings, your insights, your life with the readers.

Writing should come out of your full body, not just your mind.

Writing as an adventurous journey……

Writing deeper, writing fuller, crossing borders into untouched territory.

Writing, at its best, is a product of a deep, listening heart.

Words……. sparking off each other to fuse and create wholly new forms, new thoughts……..

We can lose ourselves in the writing process, and thereby find ourselves.

Enter your writing for deeper understanding.

Getting lost in the writing in order to find myself – something I had forgotten, revealed under layers of thoughts.

Are your emotions, your feelings important to you? Then write, write, write….

I stay in my study, alone, writing, because the truth is here.

The writing takes me so deep I’m no longer certain who I am.

Listen more if you want to become a writer – Attention, Assimilation, Attention, Assimilation…..

We must rescue writing, capture its powerful spirit, its transformative power to escape from the dreary, sterile world of orthodoxy.

When the writing becomes difficult stay with it, for this is the real place of learning.

Writing as radicalism – disrupting existing patterns of complacency and received opinions. Shaking the very foundations of what we think we know and believe.

Writing brings me depths of feeling that I have never experienced before.

Pour yourself into the writing without concern for anything.

In supreme moments, when I touch a deepness inside me, the writing becomes meditation…..

Every blank piece of paper that you stare at is in fact an enormous storehouse of possibilities.

My feelings tell me that the best writing comes from the very core of silence and eventually returns there.

Writing, when intensely and positively felt, can become a spiritual quest.

The same spaciousness, calmness of concentrated meditation is required for writing.

Exploring my vast inner world, writing down finely chosen words and thoughts. Exploring my vast, inner world, paying homage to the rich texture of this evolving life force we call language – that’s my calling.

In the maturity of my understanding, writing is my gift.

You must make a clearing for your writing in the dense undergrowth of your misunderstandings.

Always looking for material in every nook and cranny of my life, for a destination on an open page, at a future date.

Writing is not divorced from life, it is life!

Depth in writing exposes and expands our thoughts, our feelings.

My pen, my writing connects with the feelings of my body.

Feel it first then write about it.

Writing, at its best, is a deep body experience which your readers should be able to feel – passion encapsulated into words.

When the writing is ready the language will appear.

Writing is witnessing – witnessing our own lives and those around us.

How can we understand our own lives, and others, unless we write about them.

Writing calls us to be a witness to our lives.

The best writing is done slowly, mindfully, absorbing everything.

As writers we have a need to write, a need to explore, a need to record a life lived.

Deeper writing comes from a place of stillness.

Writing – sharpening your words, sharpening your mind, honing your thoughts in order to touch people’s lives, including your own.

Silence and solitude carry me to the writing I need to uncover.

What is writing for if not to share.

When the writing is in full flow I can startle myself with what appears on the page.

Good writing, deep and true, is a form of surrender. Give yourself away to it….